Sunday, August 01, 2010


I love a big girl who can dress! No homo but if you thick in the hips and built like a brick house and can dress better than a skinny bitch...we should be bffs! hahaha I'm not a size 2 but I'm not a size 14 either and finding clothes not "skinny bitch" tailored is hard ya'll! but I don't believe that should be an excuse...just a means to be creative :)

Let's look at me favorite big sista....Queen Latifah

Divas!! A round of applause for this beautiful big girl holdin it down and setting up positive images for young girls...I've never felt so inspired :))))

Next big diva...Jennifer Hudson *well not so big anymore*

Viva La Big & Beautiful....her powerful voice only adds to the radiant beauty that she is...YOU GO GIRL! :)))

So see ladies...we have no excuse not too let our inner beauty shine, no matter size, color, race, wateva...we deserve it because we have more to love ;)


While I'm thinking about it, what ever happened to that whole, no more size 2 girls on the runway deal? Like there was a temporary stroke of genius amongst the fashion community to stop using suppeer skinny girl on the runway and in catalogs.

Was that just a trend for the season or what? Those little toothpicks are crawling their way back onto the catwalk...*sigh* sometimes I wish someone would just shove a big mac into their mouths so they would know what it feels like to eat!! mwahh hahhahahahaha!

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease :P

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